Chahrazad Rizk

Founder & CEO of TEC Group

Chahrazad, and her team of professionals within TEC, provide their expertise and passion to customers worldwide seeking unique and iconic real estate developments using inspiring designs marrying quality materials with élan.

Established in Lebanon in 2004, TEC Group has grown its business rapidly in the GCC with Doha in 2008, followed by London, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai in 2010.

TEC intervenes in the development, master planning and detailed interior design of real estate projects, by their corporate HQs, prestige residential volumes or hospitality developments.

TEC business offerings has been recently extended to realize special projects worldwide, such as, the organization of events, the fit-out of luxury yachts and aircraft, and the creation of personalised jewellery.

TEC is proud to be a sponsor partner of choice for International Creative Events, including “Il Ballo de Doge,” in Venice, with the objective of sharing its artistic essence to different regions, naturally starting with Lebanon.




Chahrazad Rizk