Our thorough understanding of regional and international building codes ensures we deliver Civil Defence Approval first time, every time.


Within GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries, the Civil Defence Department code stipulates that any interior fit-out that results in modifications to the existing fire sprinkler and fire alarm layout, requires a separate approvals process to ensure that the fire safety and protection of the proposed layout meets with the Civil Defence Department code.

In order to achieve Civil Defence Department approval, a Grade A Consultant is engaged by TEC Interior Design to complete the submission to the appropriate Civil Defence Department. In brief, the approvals process consists of the following:

  • TEC Interiors collate and prepare all the documentation required by the Grade A consultant
  • The consultant prepares a fire safety and protection design to suit the modified layout and lodges all the required documents with the Civil Defence Department for approval
  • It takes between four and five weeks to gain fire safety approval and this must be in place before the application for fire protection approval can be lodged
  • Once the fire safety notice of approval has been received, approval to commence site works can be lodged with the local Municipality, and approval is generally given within a couple of days