When you partner with TEC Interiors you will be assigned a project team who will look after you from start to finish and coordinate every aspect of the project on your behalf.


Do you expect interior design to deliver on all these fronts? It should. At TEC Interior Design, we are passionate about good design and what it can do for our clients. We enjoy taking care of all the details - big and small - which add up to create the "wow factor".

Your TEC Interior Design project manager will be a key contact for you throughout the project. Their aim is to keep you fully informed and in control, through open and honest communication, and they don't rest until every part of your project is finished to perfection.

We expect the same commitment to professionalism, high quality work and positive team relationships from our supply chain, and our approach is to embed key suppliers into the procurement process at the earliest opportunity. Through greater integration we are able to ensure that the solutions we deliver address cost-effectiveness, quality standards and sustainability at every level of the design and build. We also save you the headache of dealing with multiple suppliers.

With regards to health and safety, only by setting the highest standards for ourselves will we be able to retain the trust of our customers and the people using our completed buildings.

Health & safety
  • Zero fatalities
  • Zero permanently disabling injuries
  • Zero accidents and injuries